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I used to suppose that Craigslist was an awesome tool for connecting with the community as well as identifying modern opportunities. I thought it had some level of respect and decency, but clearly I was terribly mistaken. In the past year, I’ve had nothing but poor luck with the listing service. If I’m not getting money order cons, I’m having my telephone blown up by harassing strangers. Most recently, I fell for the weirdest scam of them all when I answered an ad for a recent heating and A/C certification program. I had never seen a listing like this one before – it was an open call for the next enrollment period at a local heating and cooling certification system. I was immediately interested, and I responded as quickly as I could to the call for modern ventilation specialists. I had been on the job market for a few months now, and quickly the heating and cooling industry was looking very interesting as I learn about the respective job duties. That’s why I was so stoked when I heard back the next day, and then, I was accepted to join the heating and A/C program! I reported for duty, as instructed, the very next day.  However, when I pulled up to the supposed heating, ventilation, and air conditioner business training facility, it appeared to simply be a rundown heating and A/C service shop! A gruff man walked around the corner, shook my hand, and told me to climb into his heating & A/C truck. From that point on, I went on a day of oil furnace & AC repairs with him, assisting him with hauling parts and tools around, taking notes on the plan repairs, and writing up invoices for him. He never shared with me any educational documents, or even had me fill out paperwork before we parted ways. Then, when I talked to our family about the bizarre experience, I realized that this supposed heating and A/C certification program was honestly just an unpaid assistantship for some local ventilation business.

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