This smells bad

I’m no dining expert – I’ve never worked at a diner, I’m not an acclaimed food critic, and I can’t call myself a master chef – however I’m pretty sure that your restaurant shouldn’t smell quite like garbage! I’m just saying, if you are looking to entice clients to enter your building or to encourage your old patrons to order more food… you honestly don’t want the site to smell like rotting food. Well, apparently the newish pizza parlor down the street didn’t get the memo. My hubby plus I swung by the location last month to give it a try. However, we didn’t know what we were in store for. When the two of us walked inside, it was instantly hot… We were both puzzled about the air temperature settings but simply mentioned the sizzling atmosphere to our waitress and then hoped for the best… She politely accepted our air quality complaint. However she worried by our request to operate the A/C. My husband and I weren’t sure what the big deal was – unquestionably she only had to flip a switch, and the modern cooling program would do the rest. Why was that so hard? Well, about 10 minutes later, the two of us realized what the conundrum was. As soon as the cool air started flowing, so did a recognizably nasty smell. It was subtle at first. However, as the environment cooled considerably, the stink accumulated inside of the establishment. Soon we were both nauseated, and could not help but to hold our noses as we asked the waitress what that stench was! With a sigh, she told us that the A/C was located right next to the communal dumpster, and the air intake pulled straight off the top of the heaping sizzling garbage.

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