That felt like a sledgehammer

I have been losing my mind around here lately, and it might be time that I get out of the loft as well as give myself a change of environment! You see, I work from my loft every single afternoon now working as a remote writing specialist, but as such, I spend the vast majority of my time right here, in my bedroom. Usually, I particularly enjoy this work setup because I don’t appreciate battling traffic every afternoon to commute to an office… Recently, however, it has been driving me up the wall since the air temperature began increasing outside. As spring has started to transition into summertime, I’ve been relying on the great old air conditioner unit, as usual. The cooling system has always worked perfectly for me, and  I’ve rarely even considered the cooling system as a piece of important machinery. As far as I was concerned, I ask the thermostat to make the loft cooler, and then the AC magically makes it happen. In the past week, however, something has changed. It started on Wednesday, when I asked the temperature control device to decrease the indoor air temperature by just 5 degrees. It seemed like no big deal… except almost as abruptly as I heard the AC device leap into action, I heard the cooling system suddenly shut off. I went to the thermostat and attempted again, only to gain identical results. The AC device and I went back and forth like this all day, without ever successfully increasing the indoor air temperature. I don’t assume I know why the AC is being so tempermental right now, although I assume I can’t get any work done in this uncomfortable heat. Considering the fact that I almost took a sledgehammer to the cooling system last week, it’s genuinely time that I find a workspace with reliable AC for a few afternoons.

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