I don’t know how fast we can do this

One of my parents friends opened a bakery in my beach home city a couple years back plus it is not 1 of the most popular local bakeries in the area.  I hadn’t been back beach home in a while, however the last time I went I decided to check on how the bakery was doing. Since we regularly have a ton of stuff to do when we go home, we wasn’t able to make it there until my last day when we was on our way out of town.  We stopped in plus thought we would get a cup of coffee plus a pastry. As we entered the establishment, we noticed that the temperature inside was severely hot. I looked around plus they were really still baking in their large industrial style oven that was really pumping out the heat.  One of the baristas hastily informed me that their Heating plus A/C component had stopped working that day plus they were having problems keeping the temperature down inside. They kept the door to the outside open, however it wasn’t doing much. Apparently, they had just called the Heating and A/C worker to come  take a look plus he would be there momentarily. So, I ordered my iced coffee plus my cinnamon roll plus decided to rest outside. As I sat there, the Heating plus A/C worker arrived plus hastily went to work. Within about 10 minutes he had fixed the air conditioning! The place wasn’t actually big so when I walked back inside for a refill it already felt cooler again.  I was shocked how fast that Heating and A/C supplier sent someone out, plus how fast he was able to repair everything!

heating and cooling 

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