This is a very big house

I had to jump through a bunch of hoops in order to get cooling… I bought this great big old house that had a lot of the original woodwork in it, so most air conditioning companies wouldn’t work on it; they were concerned about ruining the wood and about the flimsy old framework… Apparently, most air conditionings use air ducts, but the air duct upgrade is hard to install in a new home. An old, rickety house with feeble support, is not the ideal candidate for air duct. The original wood molding made it so that a ductless A/C upgrade was not an affordable choice either. The indoor air handler would install right to the wood and cover it, and it just looked terrible with the home. I finally got hold of a professional that knew a little more… He told me that I could get high velocity A/C set up in my home. It was the perfect blend of what I needed. This system uses air duct, however smaller air ducts. It really is made for large, old homes. For the old factory, the air ducts are versatile. The wood slats bend, so that nothing needs to be torn down. For the factor of the old house, the A/C is four times as powerful than normal. It’s called high velocity because of how powerfully the air goes through the ducts. It’s like having an A/C go super-sonic. When the A/C shoots out of the small ducts in my home, the whole place cools down instantaneously. Even if I moved to someplace new, I’d definitely have to get high-velocity A/C again.

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