I want to take a trip

Since I work from home, I travel all of the time. All I need is the tablet as well as steady internet, then plug in and start working. I have traveled to a lot of peculiar places. I occasionally stay in one area for about a week, others just a day or so, however the only downside to traveling so much is leaving our house. I can’t expect my friends to check up on all my mail, keep an eye on the electric as well as make sure the Heating and A/C doesn’t die all year; so what I’ve done is made sure the home can run without me. I keep narly non perishables in my house. I have a simple breaker switch to turn off the electric. I also invested in a smart thermostat for the home. The smart thermostat is truly a good thing. I can control the thermostat in our home directly from my. I can be overseas as well as turn on the heater. I can be on a train while I turn up the AC. It is amazing how suddenly the thermostat responds too. I even get alerts if the thermostat notices I don’t have the home set at a superb temperature. It lets me know if the air quality is too bad, the air filter needs changing or if there is something blocking out the HVAC unit. I can do this all because the thermostat runs on a wireless internet connection. I prefer not having to call anyone to turn on heating in the Wintertime, as well as AC in the Summer. I am a real self-sufficient traveller now, and it’s all thanks to my new thermostat!

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