Our indoor air is something else

I woke in the other morning to an especially humid home. It had rained hard all night and for reasons unknown, my HVAC system was not doing good job of filtering the indoor air of my home. When I finally got out of bed, I realized that my pillow was drenched in sweating! I was also having a tough time breathing because of the thick, monsoon-like air circulating all around. I developed enough motivation to make myself a cup of joe and call my local HVAC business. It was so humid, that I could practically see drops of water floating inside the air like fog! The HVAC business had just opened to look at called them up. This was a particular blessing because I didn’t want to wait long for a HVAC technician to show up. I was the first caller of the day! While I waited for the HVAC technician to arrive I decided to check out the air conditioner and see just could at least get it to work slightly. At that current minute, it wasn’t even blowing any air in any way! I checked the air vents to view if anything was blocking the circulation with the air through the heating and cooling ductwork. As I couldn’t see anything blocking it though. Thankfully, the HVAC technician arrived, he began asking me questions about my HVAC system. I felt like I was in a sauna! He eventually got wise of what the HVAC system concern was and began his car repairs. He was gratefully able to fix my HVAC unit soon, and all in the humidity was quickly filtered in the ar via my HVAC system.

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