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Because of where I live, there’s rarely a time when I’m not relying on either the gas furnace or the air conditioner.  I spend a fortune on yearly utility bills, plus preventing energy waste is a priority. I’ve gone to great lengths to seal up our condo plus minimize the workload of the heating plus cooling equipment.  Since I seldom get to open the windows, the condo started to be a bit stuffy, and the air stale. I needed an influx of clean air without letting our heated or cooled air escape. After a bit of research, I found the ideal solution so I hired a local Heating and A/C technician to install a whole-condo ventilation system.  Within an hour after the ventilator started running, I noticed a significant increase in my indoor air quality. The component works to expel bacteria, moisture, odors, dust plus all sorts of contaminants. The surfaces of furniture remain much cleaner, the condo itself feels fresher. I’m so ecstatic to be able to control the airflow within the house.  Too much fresh air would result in higher utility bills. The ventilation system brings in just the right amount to optimize comfort. Plus, it uses the outgoing stale air to preheat the incoming air in the winter, which reduces demand on the gas furnace. I appreciate more even temperature, greater comfort, yet spend money less on utility bills every week.  During the summer season, the ventilation plan combats excess humidity, condensation plus helps to avoid concerns with mold and mildew. Since installing the ventilation system, I sleep better at night and am more productive. I’ve suffered fewer headaches, sore throats and stuffy noses. Also, I have more confidence in the integrity of the air I’m breathing in.

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