Priority service

Angela raises four children, takes care of multiple pets, and works full-time, so her schedule is super hectic.  All of her children are involved in multiple sports teams plus clubs, and her work is rather demanding. Trying to keep up with additional household responsibilities like grocery shopping,  laundry, plus washing dishes is nearly impossible. She simply does not have the time to deal with any malfunctions or disasters. She can’t have the water heater rupturing, flooding the downstairs plus leaving her family with no water.  She doesn’t want to be faced with a blocked drain, an overflowing toilet, or a leaking pipe. She needs all of the systems in her home to run reliably and also efficiently. Because of this, she’s invested in a proactive service program for her gas furnace, air conditioner, and even for her plumbing system.  Twice a year, a Heating plus A/C business shows up at her home to inspect and service the gas furnace plus air conditioner. She then schedules the plumber to supply upkeep sometime over the Summer months. He troubleshoots the pipes, drains, appliances, and septic, making sure everything is operating at its peak.  The plumber replaces the questionable pipes, cleans the aerators on her faucets, drains the water heater then completes a thorough drain cleaning. The whole process just takes a couple of hours, causes no messes, plus combats potential plumbing disasters. Angela can be sure that there are not any leaks causing water injure, no water waste, plus no safety concerns.  Plus, the service system includes priority service plus no overtime charges for repairs.

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