Getting hot water

Bob’s been looking into the option of going from conventional to tankless water heating.  Now he has a traditional water tank installed in his basement. The water oil furnace takes up lots of space, is ugly & not all that energy efficient.  Plus, he’s dealt with a ruptured tank several times. Because of corrosion, his tank quickly flooded the basement. Since he uses his basement as additional living space, there was severe damage to the rug & furniture.  Although a tankless water oil furnace is quite high-priced, & he’d have an additional investment into the conversion, he hopes it would be worth it. A tankless water oil furnace is about the size of a stack of textbooks and can mount on his wall either inside or outside of his house.  Since it heats water on demand, he wouldn’t have standby energy losses. There is no tank storing & continually reheating his water over & over again. Because his water isn’t sitting in the tank and absorbing minerals, it is much cleaner. Whenever a tap is turned on, his water passes through a heat exchanger, & is instantly brought up to optimum temperature.  He doesn’t need to wait for water to heat up & won’t be running short of water. Since a tankless water oil furnace is easily repaired through replacement parts, it will last twice as long as his conventional alternative. A tankless water oil furnace costs way less to operate & own, & should reclaim his initial investment really quickly. The downside of this water heating system is that the plan cannot handle lots of demand at the same time. Bob thinks his family could work with this.  

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