Let’s make some moves

When my wife, Regina, and I bought a lake home down south, there was a ton of work to be done.  The home had been vacant for quite some time, so everything was rundown as well as old. The master bathroom, specifically, was in bad shape.  Since Regina and I are quite handy, we both decided to tackle the extensive bathroom remodeling project ourselves. We took down the walls, pulled up the old floors and ripped out the gross, corroded pipes.  We updated everything so that we could have new pipes bringing the water in and then handling the wastewater. We put in insulation, installed some new drywall as well as finished the room with a coat of paint.  Putting down the new ceramic tile floor took us a while, because Regina wanted everything perfect. Although we’d installed the toilet, sink vanity, new faucets, as well as medicine cabinet, we didn’t want to turn on the water.  First we wanted to complete the build of the shower. The shower needed cement board for the walls, which we then covered with some tile. Once the curtain, the showerhead, as well as the overhead light were installed, we turned on the water.  Suddenly, we heard a strange sound coming from inside our walls. Listening closely, I decided it must be a leak. We had no option. We were going need to tear a hole into our new, just painted wall to pinpoint the location of the leak. We finally discovered that one of the drywall screws had poked a tiny hole into the water line.  We were forced to remove a huge section of the wall, fix the water line, and put up brand new drywall. It was frustrating as well as discouraging, and made the project take a much longer time. Now that the master bathroom is finally complete, we are pleased with it.


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