I want to turn this off

My dear husband, Dirk and I have spent our entire lives in a remote northern region of the country.  We’ve always dealt with long months of below freezing temperatures and constant snowfall. The two of us recently purchased a second home down south.  It is our hope and dream never to need our heating program for comfort again. Dirk and I plan to live down south during the cold winter season months, and return north again for the mild spring and summertime seasons.  I didn’t realize how many additional task I would have with this transition not to mention the stress of owning two separate homes. While we are down south, I worry about what’s happening up north, and the other way around.  Up north, If the oil furnace should malfunction, our water pipes could freeze and may burst. If we totally shut off the cooling system in our home down south during the hot and humid months, we might be faced with moisture damage and dangerous mold growth.  Investing into a pair of smart control units was the perfect solution for our dilemma. Although the smart control units were rather high-priced, they have greatly simplified our lives. Dirk and I now have access to the thermostat control in either home no matter what part of the country we happen to be in.  Through an app on our smart devices and PCs, we can make temperature adjustments, get maintenance notifications, receive alerts for temperature fluctuations, and make sure everything is operating properly. The two of us save money on energy use, better manage the heating/cooling systems, plus ensure we arrive at a comfortable home. The control device even tracks the location of our devices.  It automatically adjusts the Heating and Air Conditioning system to make our home welcoming when we arrive with the ideal temperature setting. My biggest relief is that I am never out of touch of either home.

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