Preparing for damage

Do you ever get serious alerts on your phone.  Now that there are cell phones in most people’s possession, the emergency alert system can notify people consistently of dangerous weather or other hazards that may impact them. This is exactly what happened last month when we had a huge storm front blow through our town; My phone went off at 2 am to let myself and others know that the front would arrive within a 20 minutes.  I hastily went down to the cellar to make sure that everything was off the floor because sometimes the cellar would get wet plus stored items could get ruined… In the past, I have gotten some water in the cellar, however nothing could have prepared myself and others for the amount of water that happened later that day. I went to work hoping that the storm would blow over. When I came home there was nearly a foot of water in the basement plus the power was out.  Without electricity, the sump pump couldn’t get the water out. So now my cellar was waterlogged. The largest issue was that my furnace was now in sitting under water plus I didn’t have a clue if it was ever going to work again. I had read that you should never try to relit any sort of Heating, Ventilation & A/C component that has been exposed to water! Once I had the water pumped out I started to sort through the rest of the mess. I had to put huge blowers downstairs to dry out the cellar.  I contacted my local Heating, Ventilation & A/C contractor to set up an appointment plus have the boiler looked at it to see if it was still functional. I sure hope that it can be saved, because I do not have an emergency fund to update it plus I am not sure if my homeowners insurance will cover the cost either.

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