Taking my shoes off

My brother actually just got married to his fourth wife. I swear he goes through them more often than he does clothing. I care about him a lot even though I feel like sometimes he makes bad decisions. At least his newest wife is supremely wealthy and has an amazing lake dwelling that he is able to live in. When we first visited them we were unquestionably blown away at their beautiful dwelling! They also had some of the most amazing appliances that we have ever seen before. I would say the most noticeable was their radiant heated floors. I’d never experienced anything like it. As we took our shoes off and walked on the radiant floors it was a most pleasant experience. My brother acted like it was nothing even though I think he was legitimately loving the fact that the radiant heated floors were warming up his feet. The rest of their lake dwelling was beautiful as well however the most high-priced luxury was entirely the radiant heated floors.

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