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Southern living means winter becomes a bit of a rarity. If you grew up in a more northern place and are wanting relief from the cold, this is a fine change. My husband John and I, on the other hand, had no complaints about the cold weather whatsoever. We actually enjoyed it a lot more than the warmth, and were perfectly content with a majority of the year being frosty. We took a leap and decided moving closer to our parents might be better for us, and were immediately frustrated by all the way we had to adapt to a warmer climate. All of our sweaters, and even long sleeved t-shirts, are almost never used – with the exception of maybe two or three days a year. John and I are constantly needing to cool down in our heavily air conditioned home to stay away from overheating. He and I both constantly need our air conditioner at its best quality in order to stay comfortable. Anything getting in the way of that can really ruin a day or two. We had a moment like this not too long ago. John and I were cooling down inside during a particularly warm afternoon when we each heard a loud pop. As soon as the sound was recognized, the whir of the AC suddenly ceased. Panic shot through the two of us immediately. Was the power out? Did we need a new air conditioner? John decided to run out and take a look at the compressor around the side of the house. When he came back in, he said there had been a huge rat inside of it that had killed itself gnawing on one of the wires. He paid the ultimate price for that mistake. I called our local HVAC company and ran them through what had happened. Luckily they were able to send someone out pretty quickly to come and inspect our unit. When he got there, he took a quick look and was easily able to repair all of the damage the rat had caused to our wires and get power back to our air conditioner. We were so thankful that the problem was fixed before we even really became uncomfortable sitting inside. We are still undefeated in our war against summer!!

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