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My nephew Jack just had his fifth birthday. My brother George was so excited to throw a big party for his son that he was forgetting about his actual duties as an adult! While I was more than happy to help George organize the birthday party, I could tell he was losing track of his other more pressing life matters. My sister-in-law Carla felt the same way, and I could tell she was getting annoyed with George’s forgetful behavior while he was swallowed up in party plans. I hadn’t known until then that George and Carla each pay half of the bills. Along with these monthly payments, George is in charge of taking care of appliance repairs. This is usually done by him calling in a repairman or serviceman at the appropriate times. On the day of Jack’s party, Carla and I learned the hard way that George probably forgot to take care of some vital air conditioning maintenance. When I walked into their house, I found that it felt a little bit too warm for being inside on a summer day. I asked George if he had the heat on, but he told me that he set the thermostat to seventy. I didn’t dwell on that too much, thinking that he must have just set it. As it got later, and the party guests started to show up, the temperature just kept climbing. It wasn’t anything more than a discomfort until it came time to get the cake to sing happy birthday to Jack. Carla took the foil off the cake and revealed a soggy, goopy mess on the platter. I felt sad for Jack more than anyone, since he probably didn’t understand the correlation between a hot house and a mess of a cake. George then decided he hold check the thermostat again. He saw that it was close to ninety degrees inside the house. He was so upset that he hadn’t noticed the problem sooner. Carla quickly went ahead and called their HVAC company to ask for a serviceman to come out and remedy the situation. In the meantime, the party guests were satisfied with ice cream instead of cake for dessert.

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