We need to invest in something new

My wife Carol and I have been in the same old house for about twenty-two years now. Mainly because of this, in recent years we have discovered that the house is a bit of a chore to deal with. Every day Carol or I will find some new issue that we never even thought could be a problem. Before winter came around, I wanted to have radiant heated flooring installed under our bathroom floor. We started the process only to discover the overwhelming amount of wood rot underneath the flooring! As if that wasn’t irritating enough, what topped that for us was when we decided to make some renovations to our home’s heating and air conditioning device. Since our house is older, the design of it is pretty outdated, complete with a very narrow attic that has very limited space for equipment. The heating and air conditioning company we originally chose to help us decide on the new air ducts were thoroughly convinced that the larger, more spacious ducts would still fit perfectly through the attic space we had. They were positive that using these ducts would supply the most airflow throughout the house. Since they were the professionals, we couldn’t help but believe it and go ahead with setting up an appointment for the installation without a second thought or more research. They came to start the work a little over a week later. A mere three hours into the duct replacements, the team supervisor comes to tell us that they have to shut down the job. Shocked, Carol and I bombarded him with questions and pushed for an answer. He then told us that the ducts they were so confident about wouldn’t be able to fit into the attic after all, at least not without sacrificing important structural support. I couldn’t tell if I was more upset about losing all the money we had already put into this project, or angry with how full of themselves this team had been. Frustrated, I kicked them all out of our house while Carol dialed the number of another company that had been recommended to us by one of our friends. The representative they sent to our house was a lot more genuine and honest than the last one. He didn’t hesitate to tell us that the extensive air ducts we were originally going for would cause eventual disaster. He recommended we get a ductless split system. It doesn’t require the installation of any ducts, yet it would still work wonders in a home like ours. Really though, we were willing to pay him as soon as he hit us with his honesty!

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