Why are the windows down

Everyone has that moment where they just want to hop on a bus and start over somewhere across the country. Maybe work was particularly awful that day, or your boyfriend or girlfriend just picked the worst fight with you. Maybe you really just hit rock bottom like you never thought you’d hit it. It makes you want to just leave everything, buy a bus ticket, and ride it all the way down the line until it can’t go any farther. Everyone has a moment like this, but not everyone actually acts on it. I guess that makes me one of the rare ones. Every part of my life was suddenly crashing down around me. Finally, my boss let me go, and my boyfriend announced that he wasn’t in love with me anymore. I packed up what I could and headed for the bus station, finished with my life and the way it was going. I bought a ticket for a city way farther north than I ever had been. I was excited to get on the bus, but the excitement quickly faded when I noticed how hot it was on the bus. It felt like being on an old school bus. I asked the driver why it was so stuffy, and she quickly told me that the air conditioning on the bus was broken. It was obvious the driver wasn’t very happy about this, so I decided to stop asking questions and quietly take my seat instead. I did my best to think about anything other than the heat as everyone else boarded. Once we were all settled, the journey began, and having the windows down actually kept us pretty cool while driving on the highway. Since we were northbound, the air outside began to cool down, and I eventually wound up putting my window up for a break from the cold air. I was so happy when I got out of the bus and set foot in my new city. Now I just need to get a place to call home.

el kemp 

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