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Last fall, I realized I needed to get away from the stress of work and my hectic schedule.  I figured some time in the woods would be relaxing and revitalizing. I couldn’t wait for the peace and quiet, plus I knew the color changing in the trees would be a beautiful sight.  I hoped to get plenty of time to walk paths and to sit around outside to read. I chose a lovely spot along a lake, and rented a cabin that was fully furnished. The cabin listing showed modern amenities, such as hot water, a queen-sized bed, stove and oven, and a heating and cooling unit.  Since I am not one to rough it, this was perfect for me. After arriving at the cabin, I knew this was not going to be what I expected. The only way to heat the place was with a wood burning stove. There was no temperature control, no furnace or boiler, nothing to keep warm without a great amount of work.  Unfortunately, it was super chilly outside while I was there, and it even snowed. I had to divide my time between freezing in the cabin and trying to light wood in the stove. Between chopping down trees and dragging them back to break down and burn, I’ve never been so exhausted. My getaway was not at all relaxing.  I was ready to get back home and have access to easy to manage heating methods. I was beyond upset that a wood burning stove was described as a modern heating unit. I thought I was getting radiant floors and smart temperature control, and instead spent the weekend trying to get wet wood burning for warmth.

smart thermostat 

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