Vacuuming the heater

I suppose that I should have replaced our furnace more than two years ago, since mine is approximately twenty years old, and doesn’t run like it used to.  I’ve been conscientious about filter changes as well as annual maintenance, but components have still gradually worn out. Every Winter season I face at least one minor maintenance cost.  The cost of these repairs along with the inconvenience and disruption to our home has caused discomfort. Plus, our energy bills have gradually risen to a small monthly fortune to heat our home.  Between the furnace putting out less heat as well as our attempts to conserve energy, the apartment is downright cold. I’ve resorted to bundling up in sweaters and turning the system down low hoping to trim expenses  and avoid wear and tear on the heater. It still seems to be overworked, and recently it’s become rather noisy. Every time the heating plan starts up, it makes a scary rattle and I can’t believe it’s still running. I also think the furnace is to blame for the extra cleaning I’ve been forced to do.  There seems to be an excessive amount of dust floating around in the air which causes me to vacuum and dust more often. I’ve noticed I also suffer from more frequent headaches and sneezing fits. I am reluctant to take on the struggle to replace it, although I realize that once a modern furnace is up and running, it will be worth it.  I’ll appreciate the superior air quality, comfort and low energy bills. The manufacturer’s warranty, and the safety of a new unit will be great for providing more reliable control.

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