I’m sure about my service plan

So, I married a do-it-yourself type of person.  My wife, Jen, was always interested in repairing anything that appeared to be broken or would quit in the next day or so.  Jen was a tinkerer looking to fix up or better something even if it really didn’t need it. I could tell Jen was on the hunt to service or replace something as she strolled through the new home listening to every piece of equipment that we all had.  Jen could begin in the laundry room… She would check to see if the vents were drying the clothes well. The kitchen was the next space to go to. Once she was certain that the fridge plus freezer was humming just right she moved on. This month the Heating & A/C system was the new item on her list.  This was our first home so she was downright pumped to make sure that our heating plus cooling system system had all the service plus preventive maintenance that it needed to run efficiently. I knew that this equipment was current for him since the people I was with and I had at the time lived in apartments.  But I became upset when she began to do some on the web research on how to perform maintenance on our new heating plus cooling system. It began small enough. She maintained the air ducts for dirt, mildew or debris build up. It seem, from what Jen reported to me, that the previously owners had done a great task with keeping the Heating & A/C system dust free and clean.

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