The cooling system is dead

For way too long, I’ve been laid up with a back injury, while I was in the military, I suffered a terrible injury to our back, i was actually working inside of a building, when a large piece of tubing broke free from the ceiling, and the tubing came crashing down on our back, causing permanent nerve damage. I had surgery a few months ago, to finally common this problem. I have been in rehab for what seems like forever, as well as it’s been a slow reclaimy, however luckily, my family has a cabin by a lake. I have a lot of pretty areas to walk around as well as I get plenty of recovery time. I prefer looking at the majestic oaks as well as listening to the singing birds, but my wifey as well as I make our way around the lake every day. We all walk around the eastern side of the lake, where the oak trees are abundant. After our first walk, the two of us come inside for a fresh healthy breakfast. It’s been particularly humid during the days, so the two of us have started succumbing to naps in the A/C. I usually nap for a few hours in the A/C, but my wife doesn’t always do so. We’ve had to use the A/C more frequently, during these last few weeks. The tropical temperatures outside have been particularly sizzling as well as humid. It’s particularly caused a strain to the little window a/c at our lake house. We’ve had this small window A/C unit since we bought the place, however the two of us seem to be using it constantly this year. I’ve noticed the air isn’t as cool as well as invigorating as it was last season. I hope the two of us won’t need to replace the A/C this year.

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