When did this air conditioner get so big

I had the bright idea to buy a window cooling system unit. I still live at home since I am trying to save money to pay off my student loans quickly. I don’t have to spend my money on rent, food or utilities. I only have to spend money on anything I actually want. This summer has been so hot and it is not going away. My mother has a window cooling system in her bedroom. Before bed she turns it on and has it cooling his bedroom. By the time she goes to bed, her room is super icy. My bedroom has only a window fan. There is a big difference between a fan and a cooling system. I sweat to death every night, all night. I actually want some form of air conditioner. My mother loves her cooling system, and so it made sense to get the same window A/C  she enjoys so much. So I obtained the exact same A/C and had it delivered to the house. I then got the A/C and attempted to do my own cooling upgrade. I pushed and inspected that cooling system for hours. I then realized I made a huge mistake. The window A/C is too big for my window. My mother has larger windows than me. So my cooling system can’t fit. So I either have to return the unit, get a new size and wait for it to be delivered, or make due with a cooling system that is propped on the floor. I am upset that we are running out of hot days.


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