The home doesn’t have air conditioning

I clean houses for a living. I have quite a few houses that I cycle through the month cleaning. I do have a single house that is my favorite one though. My neighbor Kim has the best house ever to clean. Kim’s house is mainly all tile so it is simple to clean up. The cupboards are all stainless steel and so are the appliances. I only have to use one type of cleaner on everything. There is also a large sound system that I can hook my phone to and play tunes. The best is absolutely the air conditioner in Kim’s house. The central air conditioner is so powerful. It is high velocity air conditioner. It uses air duct, just smaller air ducts. The plan got its name from how suddenly the air whips around the home. The cooling plan can lower the whole home’s temperature in under several hours. Just adjust the thermostat, the AC whips around and then you are perfectly cool. I am in love with this AC system, and for cleaning houses, air conditioner is actually needed too. I go up, down and all over. I break into a sweat frequently, and having the air conditioner blasting on me keeps me going. I guess I do a better job at Kim’s house than any other. I never want to leave so I actually give the house a wonderful cleaning. I linger longer in areas by the air vents as well. The homes without AC get me moving faster  since I can’t stand being overheated while cleaning. It makes it that much more horrible.

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