Wish the thermostat worked better

A few years ago, our family replaced the Heating as well as Air Conditioning unit in our abode. It was costing too much to run. The cooling system made insane noises everytime the two of us were nervy enough to use it,  as well as the gas furnace was starting to spew pollution during the Winter season. It was time to get on with it as well as buy a modern plan totally. When the two of us updated the system, our Heating as well as Air Conditioning provider hat a special going on and gave us a modern smart control unit for the system. At that time, it was still new HVAC  technology. All of our neighbors were envious, because the two of us had a smart control unit. At first, it was annoying to learn how to use. It took several weeks, before the two of us realized that the two of us could utilize an app on our phone to control the indoor temperature. The smart control unit was a thinking unit that allowed us to adjust the temperature in our house. All of us could also adjust the humidity rate, secure the windows and doors, as well as program the temperature for weird times during the day. The smart control unit was electronically hooked up to our wireless modem. Everything was going along fine, until the two of us had our first thunderstorm. My wifey as well as I were enjoying the summer months for a few hours, when the clouds started to get angry looking and dark. It was getting particularly cold outside, so the two of us wanted to adjust the temperature in the house. I utilized the app on our phone, to set the Heating as well as Air Conditioning plan to heat. When the two of us arrived at our place again I expected the home to be sizzling as well as cozy. But it wasn’t; it was still cold as well as miserably icy. Our internet as well as cable were under the weather so to speak, due to the storm. Without internet, our smart control unit was dead too. All of us decided to go back to the regular thermostat.

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