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It seems like I can never get comfortable at work.  I am a university teacher and I love my job, however the environment is not that comfortable, meaning the heating and cooling systems are never set to comfortable settings.  Just a few weeks ago, I experienced a chilly Winter season. It was snowing consistently and the wind was blowing at various speeds. I even had a few snow days due to unsafe weather conditions.  Despite the chilly weather outside our building felt like a sauna. I could not wrap my mind around the fact that it was so hot inside the building. I went to university dressed in heavy Winter clothes but had to take off many layers by the time I started teaching.  Now it is finally warming up outside. The Summer weather is starting to poke through and the children are enjoying playing on the playground on those nice sunny days. Somehow with the temperature climbing outside, our cooling system has the university feeling love an ice box! It is really cold  in my classroom! I come to work dressed in Summer clothe but I had to put on a jacket right when I entered the building. Even on days when it is nearly one hundred degrees outside, the inside of the building is absurdly cold. I have been opening the windows to try and let out some cold air, however our maintenance team scolds me for wasting the energy.  Our heating and cooling systems are so outdated, so they can never supply stable, comfortable temperatures. I keep extra clothes in my classroom so that I can change when I am feeling uncomfortable depending on the heating or cooling conditions!

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