HVAC and the air conditions

My siblings are the best! We have always been extremely close, & I feel that I can count on them whenever they are needed. Anytime I need them to help out with something, they are there for me without hesitation, to lend a hand.  Recently, they were able to come through for me once again when I moved into an older home, & I noticed that my A/C was blowing only moderately cool air. It didn’t make a difference how I adjusted the thermostat, the problem continued, so when I called my siblings, they got into their cars & came right over to help me. When they arrived, they immediately knew what was needed.  First, my brother Joe replaced the air filter & I was surprised by that, since I had no idea that it was needed so soon, but Joe told me that it had to be done every month so that the heating & A/C unit wasn’t continuously circulating dusty air throughout the house. Next, he & my other brother, Steve cleaned the coils in the A/C by hosing down the unit very well so that all the excess dust & dirt wasn’t a concern either.  After that, the three of us noticed a significant change. The air coming through the vents was definitely cooler, & we noticed that it also seemed cleaner. Without my siblings, I would not have known how to take proper care of these things. Now, with their help, I know I am much better equipped to take care of my home, all the time knowing that my brothers are so great! I have no idea what I would do without them. I absolutely owe a lot to them for helping me out & somehow, I’ll repay them, I’m just not quite sure how, but I’ll find a way.

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