Indoor air conditions

The last time I had to get a roommate, things did not go well. I did not sufficiently screen the applicants, which is my fault, and I ended up with a terrible roommate! This time around I was a lot more selective, just to make sure that my new roommate wouldn’t be a repeat of the last. I did a great job picking this time around because so far there have been no issues with Hank the current roommate. Hank is a salesman, who tends to bring his work home with him most of the time.  Aside from hogging most of the storage space, he is great though. Hank is a salesman who travels. He specialized in air filters, as well as other products designed to increase the air quality of your home or office. These days several suppliers are placing more emphasis on the healthy work environments their workers. Right now air quality is one of the industries making a surge. He started off just selling the replaceable air filters, and then more high-priced HEPA air filters that met government requirements.  He had branched off recently into selling electrically powered air filters, that relied on various UV technologies to rid the air of bacteria and dust spores. It sounded love a lot of garbage to me, so Hank set up one of his model air filters and waited for it to do it’s magic. I have to say that within an hour I could tell the air quality had improved, and I was breathing easier. By the end of the week I had bought one of the air filters from him and set it up in my living room.

HEPA filter

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