Not happy with the type of heater I am using

Camping can a pleasant experience for a family to share together. I remember going camping often, when I was a kid. My parents used to go to the lake essentially every weekend. We would always sleep in a tent, plus cooked all of our food on the campfire. Lunch plus supper would usually just be fish, plus we would always have bacon plus eggs for breakfast. My siblings plus I constantly had a fun time with our friends. We went camping until late in September, when the weather was starting to get a little bit cool. My parents had a small battery operated oil furnace that we would have for the Fall. It was incredibly nice to go camping in the Fall, because we could have a campfire plus roast marshmallows quite often. It was too hot for a raging fire in the Summer season. My parents would turn on the oil furnace a short while before we went to sleep in the tent. The portable oil furnace took the chill out of the air with no problem, so we could fall asleep and rest perfectly. The battery operated oil furnace had a timer on the side, so we could easily set the oil furnace to run for however long we wished. That small oil furnace lasted for a number of years, until we eventually had to get something different. I still go camping with our family, plus we absolutely love sleeping under the stars. We still use our tent plus sleeping bags. We have a small electric area oil furnace for the Winter season weather. We constantly stay in a camping facility with electricity, running water, as well as showers. I’ve gotten especially spoiled over the last several years.

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