I feel wonderful

My wife and I recently visited one of the larger cities last weekend, and we decided to getting a hotel room. We weren’t planning on vacationing in the city overnight, but we were having such enjoyable. We found a hotel was located 2 blocks away and paid a hefty penny for ones nightly rate fee. As soon as we arrived to our room, she sent me as a result of get ice. Soon as we opened the ice bucket, we smell a terrible odor from fish. There were three items of shrimp in the bottom of the ice bucket. After careful test, my wife and I realized this hotel room was not thoroughly cleaned. We walked back because of guest services, and filed some sort of complaint. They were very apologetic, and offered a nicer room. We were very happy with their gesture, and took the elevator back upstairs. Our new hotel room was relating to the 11th floor, and it had a wonderful view of the city skyline. It was eventually far nicer than the location we previously had, and I was really happy we had complained. This room was clearly a special suite, because the bathroom floor coverings had radiant heat. There was his and hers bathrobes within the closet, and five different bath oils to use. There seems to be a dial to control the radiant heat, and it was situated on the wall next to the toilet. My wife and I activated the radiant heat in the restroom, and decided to settle in the jacuzzi tub. When the two of us stepped out onto the floor, the radiant heat made the application feel wonderful.

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