Sad about the a/c

When I was in university, I played in a band to make extra money. Making music was a lot of fun, & it was something I really enjoyed. But we were always struggling with finding a good place to rehearse. Once we tried using my friend’s garage, but the neighbors called to complain about all the noise. So after that, we moved our gear over to an outdated dilapidated building that someone said we could use, but that building didn’t have any A/C. And on hot afternoons, the band could barely get through half an hour of practice without having to quit because of the heat. All of us really wished for a temperature controlled place that we could regularly use to practice all of our music. Then, finally, we were able to find a local company that allowed us to use their warecondo to practice in when they were closed. We were so happy when we found out that the place was air conditioned! It also had plenty of space! From then on out, the band felt like we were royalty because we were able to adjust the thermostat to whatever temperature we all wanted. Then after that, we felt like we were really playing much better. And then we even started booking gigs at better places. Our band had a really good run, & I feel like it mainly had to do with having an air conditioned place to practice in. Oh, those were the days! Honestly, I wish I could go back & relive that experience. It was fun and it sure beat having to work as a hostess or at manual labor just to earn some extra spending money. I had a really good college job.

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