We made the healthy choice

I  love grocery shopping! I think t is so fun to pick out groceries and choose what foods you want to eat that week.  I also love that most stores give out tasty samples. My neighborhood grocery store also has huge bakery and dining sections.  You can have a meal while you shop for groceries and grab a delicious dessert all in the same day. I take my time in this store but  there is one area that I try to rush through. This is the frozen food section. I rush through it because it is so cold over there! I understand that the coolers need to keep the food frozen but it doesn’t need to keep the entire area frozen too! I am starting to think that they have a cooling unit running over there as well, otherwise, those must be powerful freezers.  I’m thinking that a cooling unit is the more likely explanation. I usually bring a jacket with me to wear while I run through this area of the store. I hate that I don’t have control over my comfort and over the temperature. My saving grace is when I arrive at home and can finally control the heating and cooling in my home.. I change the temperature from my smartphone and adjust my smart thermostat so that I am  comfortable by the time I arrive home from the grocery store. The positive side of this is that it discourages myself from purchasing frozen foods, so I am making more healthful choices! That’s what I tell myself as I run past the ice cream and rush out of the cold area!

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