Heating equipment in the winter

I don’t understand formal wear. Men’s outfits are stupid. Ties are supposed to cover the buttons on a man’s shirt. Who cares if you can see the buttons? For formal events, ladies have to wear high heels. Why do they need to look taller than their dates?


What’s worst is formal wear doesn’t fare well with the elements. With long pants, long-sleeved shirts, and a suit coat, men are ready for blizzards! Only their hands and face are exposed. When you’re wearing a suit, you’d better hope for intense air conditioning in the summer and no heating in the winter! In the winter, men in suits can walk outside  comfortably.

If it’s chilly, an overcoat over a suit coat looks great.

Women should not be in areas that are cold. Dresses are often short, with low necklines, and ladies’ shoes are often opened toed.  Going to birthdays, funerals or work functions in the summer can be relaxing or horrible. Walking around outside in the sun with bare legs is nice, but the air-conditioned indoors can be horrible! Women can’t bring an overcoat, either! A long coat and a dress do not look relaxing together. In the winter, indoor functions with a relaxing gas furnace are ideal. Furnaces warm you up and you can be dress cooler. Walking in a blizzard with open shoes, long heels and no coat is awful!

heating unit 

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