I love this air conditioner

I had one of several strangest interviews to date when i was 15 years old,. I am almost 40 years old today, and that is still the strangest interview that i have ever had. I was interviewing for local job to make meals for customers in the area. The job was being there outdoor clown spokesperson, and I would be required to wear a uniform. The job paid for minimum wage, and I really needed to enjoy a job. I was saving up for a car, and needed every dollar I could make. My mom dropped me off for the interview, around 3 in the afternoon. Once I arrived, staff ushered me to a room in the back of the building. When the room or space door open, it was similar to a sauna inside. There was no fan, and the A/C didn’t seem to be running either. It was really hot, and I started there’s almost immediately. With the A/C not running, I could barely respire. However, I sat down on a chair, and didn’t complain about the A/C system. Whenever you got about 15 minutes on the interview, my boss made a comment for the A/C system. I still do not complain, which is probably exactly why I ended up getting the job. My boss said that I would often feel pretty got if I wore my suit. He told me that it takes a very strong person to complete the task, and he needed to know if I could stand being in the heat for a long time. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

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