We all sit in the church

Currently, my wife and I sit on the board for our church. We have been working on a lot of different fundraisers recently, because weare  making gallant efforts to raise enough money for a new HVAC unit. The daycare center is in serious need of renovations, so we need to pay for it to be remodeled. The daycare is going to require a brand new HVAC equipment, and we need for the congregation to raise money for the contractor. The daycare center was under 6 feet of water as a result of the last hurricane we had, and we have done everything possible to repair the damage. There were strong gusts of wind of 130 miles per lesson, and it took the entire roof off half of the church. Our church has never sustained this type of damage in the past. We managed to finish a lot of the remodeling already, but nevertheless we are working on the HVAC product. One of the local HVAC contractors accessible to install the HVAC unit with cost. They are one of our parishioners, and they are really happy to help. The installation fees alone would probably cost thousands, because we really need a commercial size HVAC unit. The daycare center and learning annex, tend to be scheduled to open in sixty days days, and we still have a whole lot of hard work to do still. I have been speaking to most of the other board members, and we are thinking about developing a carnival to raise other money.

HVAC tune-up 

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