I’m ready to clean the house

Living along the Gulf Coast is great! We have summer like weather for much of the year and I really enjoy spending my days lying on the beach. This year, however, we have had our share of challenges in regards to the amount of hurricanes that came our way. We normally are spared the effects of the majority of the storms, but not this year. We just went through our third storm, and this time we were incapable of escape the damaging flood ocean. The ground is saturated and my basement was left with a foot of water. My hot water tank, washer, dryer, and HVAC system were in standing water for 3 days. They are all ruined. Thankfully we have insurance to pay for replacements but I am not anxious about purchasing all new appliances. My HVAC dealer was wonderful when they came out to see everything. They said that, although the main unit would have to be replaced, the ductwork and exhaust pipe may just be cleaned and used with the new one. They have special machines that they can travel through the ductwork with and clean it thoroughly. They can disinfect it to counteract the growth of mildew and mold. By utilizing this service it will save me a lot of money on replacing parts that we don’t need. We already have so many expenses from cleaning up from the flood that every area that saves us money is a good thing. Some of my neighbors weren’t as fortunate and lost the same things I did but did not have the insurance to cover the price on the replacement.

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