This winery will be great

My oldest brother Tommy plus I are starting our own wine business. Our wonderful mom is a grape farm worker and he and I have began buying our mother’s grapes for our product. Thanks to our great connection my brother Tommy and I now have invested in a winery. The building is large enough to home the carbouys, pumps, sugar, plus sediment testing equipment we are required to have. The only thing Tommy and I had to add to the building was HVAC equipment. One of the secrets to making wine, is you want the temperature control to constantly remain the same! Where we are located gets severely cold and with the undoubtedly humid weather in the Summer we’ve had to adjust. Because of this, my brother and I needed both heating plus cooling power. Tommy did his research so we decided a heat pump would most likely be best, and it is a must have for a single system. The heat pump is said to supply both heating plus cooling in only a single unit. The way we had to order the HVAC equipment from an actual business was too extravagant though, so Tommy ordered the heat pump online and they had it delivered to us right away. I then secured a deal with a HVAC contractor for the HVAC installation. I was able to get the HVAC set up real cheap. Of course, due to it being so cheap, the installation is not the best. The HVAC pro composed the heat pump set up in little to no time. He also installed the heat pump right on the front of our office building. It looks bad to me! It is literally almost blocking the door. Everyone constantly comments on the heat pump configuration the moment they arrive at the facility! My feelings about it are at least it works pretty well. To me, since it is ductless, Tommy and I have really less repair needed for the heat pump system. We literally just turn it on and then it runs.

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