We made an educated decision

I have an issue with doing renovations. It’s just a whole lot of work and money! Why we just can’t find a place where we can move right in, I don’t know! My wife will say it’s too expensive. She’s right of course, but don’t tell her that, she’ll never let me forget it! I don’t wanna have to deal with replacing lights and HVAC components and all that stuff. I don’t even like packing up my own stuff to move! I don’t wanna deal with it, I guess. She’s willing to if it means we get a great price. I kind of think we can spend a little more. When we look at houses, she’s only looking at the potential. Meanwhile, I’m looking at what is actually there and everything I don’t dig really jumps out! We do both agree that a new heating and cooling system is important when we look for a house. We had to completely replace the HVAC system in our recent house and it was a nightmare. I remember having to schedule the heating and cooling contractor to come give me a quote, then make another appointment to have the instal done, and picking the actual HVAC system on top of it! I didn’t know anything about HVAC technology! How was I supposed to make an educated guess? I just think this is something we could avoid doing again in the future. It made the top 3 must have items on our list for house hunting. We want updated heating and cooling!

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