A few window air conditioners

When we go to visit my wife’s parents, we stay at their house. Their house isn’t my favorite and it’s not my idea. It is free and they feed us, so I can’t complain on that aspect. I just don’t really dig how hot they keep the house! They have the thermostat turned up to 85! That’s way too warm for me, I dress for the season pretty accurately. I don’t want to have to wear shorts inside in the winter. What ends up happening, is I have to pack summer clothes just specifically for inside their house, and then regular winter clothes for everywhere else we go! I don’t know why they can’t just upgrade their heating system or at least turn the thermostat down while we’re there! In the summer, it’s hot in there too. They don’t have any air conditioning. One time when we went, they had an old window air conditioning unit set up in the area we were staying in. It didn’t work too good, and it had a really loud sound when it went on. I did appreciate that they were trying to make us feel comfortable, but it wasn’t too successful. I feel that they could go a long way with just upgrading their HVAC system to a more modern setup so that the winters aren’t crazy. I also think it would be nice if they went for zone control. That way my wife and I can set our room to a temperature we like. At least we’d be comfortable while we slept! Getting a few window unit air conditioners to use at night during the summer could work, just maybe!

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