The furnace is finally working

I have this problem with attracting trouble. It’s sort of a curse. Bad things just seem to follow me. I was really hoping this wasn’t going to hold true for my house renovations. The contractor ensured me that we had a very healthy contingency in our budget for things that would inevitably crop up once we began taking down walls and such. Day one, I ran into issues with the HVAC system and the placement of the load bearing walls, and found mold in the bathroom, and about seven other things. I felt like I shouldn’t even be on the property for the rest of the renovations after that. I just wanted everything to start going smooth for once. It wasn’t going to happen with me and my bad luck. I decided to make decisions about the renovation from that point on. The heating and cooling issues along with the electrical were the most complicated. I ended up having to replace the entire heating and cooling system. All the HVAC ducts had to be redone and the vents as well. It was a major project. I did all the research for the new heating and cooling system I wanted from my mother’s house where I was staying. I loved the smart thermostat idea! I didn’t go to the store to pick out the actual one, I just told the contractor what I wanted and let him do it instead. I didn’t wanna be anywhere near the house until it was finished. My plan worked! The rest of the renovation went without a problem. When it was done, it looked great. Exactly what I wanted!

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