I was amazed at the air vents

Indoor air quality has regularly been a big thing for me.  I have a number of pollen irritations that hit at different times of the year.  I have Springtime pollen irritations to pollen plus Wintertime pollen irritations to dust plus mold.  On a trip to my dentist’s, I l received something that would absolutely change my life indoors. My dentist suggested that I change the air filters in my beach house every month or even more often in the high allergy seasons.  This seemed too easy to be true. How could this possibly help with my indoor air conditions. I went to the big box hardware store plus located the size plus style filter that fit my furnace plus air ducts for my central air conditioner.  They also had a hepa filter for my Heating plus A/C system that could remove even more particulates in the air. I figured I should go big or go beach house plus bought the hepa filter. I wanted to start out with a absolutely clear slate so to speak so I had all the air ducts in my house cleaned before I added the hepa filter to my Heating plus A/C system.  I was amazed at the crud that come out of my air vents. That could have been some of my problem as well. After all this was completed I installed the new hepa filter plus waited. Almost instantly I noticed a big difference in the air quality in my house. I also noticed that I slept better in the evening plus did not wake up hazy. It was true! This somewhat easy change in my Heating plus A/C system made a big different in my quality of life plus greatly improved the indoor air conditions in my home.

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