This weather is nice

It seems that winter has arrived with a force this year plus it’s only the end of October! We were planning a huge Halloween bash with the town square and the many preparations and decorations have ended up ruined. What had been forecasted for a rain storm ended up being a winter storm with snow and ice. The temperatures dropped down right away during the storm so everything looks like a winter weather wonderland. To make matters worse, the power is out and I only have my gas stove to keep the house warm. Thankfully, it was an older model and carries a manual pilot light. Had it been a more recent one with an electric started, I wouldn’t have been able to use it either. I decided to bake some of my family’s favorite cookies. The power outage lasted for several hours and I may have gotten carried away in that department. By the time it was restored, I had over twenty dozen and thankfully we will encounter lots of little goblins I’m able to pass them on to. In fact, we don’t all want to weigh three hundred pounds. This was a wake up call too because we realized that we needed to find another way to heat our home in the instance of future outages. We are calling our HVAC dealer about installing a house generator that can control everything and run all the lights, appliances, and most importantly, our furnace. This is a costly investment but well worth it. It will keep us from worrying about freezing pipes along with spoiling food, as well as saving me from baking cookies we shouldn’t be eating.

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