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Children today have great advantages for learning about math, science etc. My sister’s daughter is using a language translation tool to learn how to speak greek, and she’s only 10 years old! Recently, my kid came home to tell me that his teacher assigned a project due the following week. For the assignment, my kid had to create a live demonstration of thermodynamics, and a presentation to explain how it works. The assignment could have been as simple as lighting a match and explaining how the ignition occurs, but my kid is more ambitious than that! He decided he wanted to perform a demonstration of negative air pressure, which seemed pretty easy. The teacher said the students were allowed to use anything in the classroom as part of the project, which was great – I told him he could use the classroom itself! First he did the research for negative air pressure and what makes it. He found that air conditioners essentially create negative air pressure, as they pull hot air out of a closed space which causes cold air to be sucked in. To show this, I told him he just needs to shut off the HVAC system right when his presentation starts, then restart it when it’s time to show the subject of his presentation. My son performed his presentation at school the following week, and the teacher was very impressed with his improvisational skills! Every generation needs creative, scientific minds like his!

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