I’m thankful

Growing up, my parents really were very thrifty.  It made sense that they were this way. They raised six children, so they had to save money wherever they could! That meant that clothes were handed down between brothers and sisters, dinner was eaten at home rather than in restaurants, and our whole family used things until they broke.  That last tip applied to everything from household appliances to university supplies. This especially applied to larger appliances, and our heating plus cooling system was no exception. My parents had a well-seasoned cooling system in the house… Each bedroom had a window A/C unit. It kept us cool enough at evening, however it left the downstairs areas of the cabin incredibly hot.  It was frustrating as a young boy, especially when the six of us were perspiring from running around outside. Though we were still thankful that our parents could afford those window A/C units. One year, my dad received a generous bonus from his boss, so he decided to upgrade the A/C equipment in our house. To our surprise, that meant that the window air conditioning units would be upgraded with a modern central air conditioning system.  My mom and dad chose to install central air, which would deliver cool air through all the vents in the house. This meant that every single room in the lake house would feel cool during the unbearably sizzling warm season months! As a child, this felt appreciate a miracle. Every one of us would finally have some relief from the heat. I remember looking at the A/C service providers as our saviors when they first arrived in our home. When they were finished with the A/C installation, the two of us never experienced another unbearable warm season day again.

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