Trying to find a good HVAC provider

Since my kiddo became a teenager, she no longer appreciates anything that we do for him.  It doesn’t matter what we do, it isn’t good enough, or it didn’t cost enough. She is always letting hot water run, and she wastes so much electricity.  She doesn’t care about anyone’s comfort but her own, and she will adjust the thermostat so she is happy, even if the rest of us are freezing or suffocating.  It’s like she is the only one who lives here. When our HVAC system quit working last week, I had an ah-ha moment. I don’t use a computer, so I put her in charge of researching.  She had to find out all of the local HVAC companies, and I wanted a break down on their specialities, and their costs. I also wanted the stats on different HVAC systems and their costs.  I was hoping that she would see how expensive it was to buy, maintain, and use a HVAC system. I was hoping she would realize how much money she was costing us every time she turned the thermostat up or down, just because she wanted to.  I then asked her if she could find out what kind of new technology there was for new HVAC system. She really gated that I put all of this work on her shoulders. I guess it would make her feel like she was part of a family unit, if I made her responsible for finding the right HVAC company and HVAC system, and have sole responsibility for have a couple of company reps, come to our house.  Although she was really angry that I put the work on her, she seemed to be more appreciative of her use of the furnace and AC.

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