Just getting cut off from cooling

Because of the need for our family to constantly be on the move, we were not only in different states and countries, but we experience different types of climates.  There were times where we were in areas that needed to constantly have the air conditioning. If mom heard even the strangest of noises coming from the air conditioning, she called the HVAC company immediately, so she could get service.  Then there were the areas where she had had the HVAC company on speed dial. It would get so cold in those areas, that you freeze to death in hours, if you didn’t have a good working heating system. Mom made sure to have our heating well maintained in those areas, and she had it planned down to the hour, as to when she should not just call, but have the HVAC do the work.  We moved to where it was mild, and you only needed the heating or air conditioning occasionally, and that was always nice. We liked when we were where we didn’t need to ever use the furnace, but then when you didn’t ever need air conditioning was nice too. I always liked when we were able to crack a window and get all of the cooling we needed, just by allowing the natural breeze to enter the house.  I guess that all of these moves made us appreciate our HVAC system, and realize that we needed to take great care of the heating and air conditioning so it could take care of us, and keep us in comfort..

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