Hate a/c at the gym

I have been training for many years, in the art of self defense.  As a kid, I was enamored with the type of fighting that I saw Bruce Lee use.  I really wanted to learn that style of fighting, and I learned that it was called Jeet Kune Do.  I found a trainer that knew about the hand and foot strikes in this style. I love the trainer, and the gym, but I was hesitant about the air conditioning.  Where I used to train, they didn’t have a HVAC system. There was no heating for the cold weather, or air conditioning during the summer. You learned to deal with the cold, the heat and humidity.  I never really minded this, because I knew that I could perform under any conditions. This newer gym doesn’t feel that way, and the air conditioning is used as if they were a normal workout center.  I feel a bit odd with the air conditioning, and I don’t push myself as much. I was used to the sweat and the heat. When I was overtrained, I could stop. The air conditioning seems to put me more at ease, and I work much harder, in an effort to bring up my body temperature.  This makes me tire quickly, and I get very achy. I feel like I am fighting the air conditioning instead of a man, as I try to raise my body temperature. It is a constant battle against the air conditioning, and most days I feel like I am on the losing end of the battle.

a/c program

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