The old boiler as a kid

We had a boiler system in our home, when we were growing up.  The boiler was in the basement, but I don’t remember ever being warm.  The HVAC company said they had it sized right, and they could find anything wrong with the boiler, but we were always cold.  We found it necessary to put oil filled electric space heaters into every room, so we could be comfortable. It looked hideous and I can’t imagine what it cost for the energy they expended, but at least we were warmer.  We had a large metal grate that was right in the middle of the archway between the kitchen and the living room. This grate was meant to heat up the entire downstairs. Right above that grate was another grate where the excess heat was supposed to flow, so the upstairs would have heating.  It never worked that way, and I don’t think there was enough heating coming from the one in the kitchen and dining, to even keep us from walking right on it. When I got my own home, many people told me that the boiler system was the best type of heating, but they couldn’t convince me of that.  I didn’t want anything to do with a boiler system in my home. I have a gas fireplace to heat my downstairs, and I have an oil burning furnace that heats the entire upstairs. I often wonder how businesses and schools can keep their building warm, since they mostly use boiler systems. It seems everyone would spend their time freezing, and never get anything done.  


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