Air conditioner to help cool off house

I love my mother and I love when she comes to visit.  She doesn’t come over very often, which is probably a good thing because she can be very unpleasant.  My mother is a tough person. She badgers people until they give into her every little whim. If you don’t give in, she will belittle you or ignore you.  That is why she still lives alone, and not with one of her kids. Since neither my husband nor I will cow to her badgering and rudeness, it has really caused some problems with my mom.  She thinks it is my husband’s fault. Anyway, she accepted our invitation to dinner, so I was making sure everything was perfect with the house, and the food. I didn’t want to fuel her demands, in any way.  We had recently put in the window air conditioners, because the temperature were now in the mid to upper eighties, and the humidity of summer was approaching. We had the AC set to sixty-eight, which was very comfortable to us.  Mom walked into the house, and immediately picked up on the air conditioning. She wanted us to turn it off. I told her that I was comfortable, but she could wear her sweater. She railed about it being the fault of the television that we were spoiled with AC.  She came up with everything, and demanded that we even rid our home of the AC. I refused and told her that it was my home and not hers. She didn’t even stay for dinner, but walked out within ten minutes of arriving.

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