Can’t decide on heating or cooling

Spring is a very mercurial time of year, here where we live.  I’ve got a classic example of how bad it can be. Normally, late spring is in the upper sixties to the mid seventies.  We have had a normal spring in every aspect, this year. We have a day or two, every here or there, where it can dip back down into the forties, but it doesn’t last long.  It is just winter trying to hang on a little bit longer. We have all of the flowers blooming, and we have already put away the snow shovels and the sand that we spread on the ice.  I was beginning to believe that the warmer air was here to stay. We had been out enjoying the weather and working in the gardens, and we planned an outing to the local amusement park for the weekend.  That’s when we listened to the news that night. The weatherman said there was a strong cold front coming through. He said that we could wake up to an inch or two of snow. Snow! Can you believe it? I had already switched off the furnace and I had the air conditioning unit serviced and ready to be turned on.  Now I was going to have to turn the furnace back on, because the temperatures were going to be in the low forties. I looked at the kids playing outside, and I went to the spare room and pulled out the space heaters. The furnace was going to stay off, and they could just wear some sweaters for those two days.

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